People Who Are Well Liked

Have you just sat or stand there and just look at someone and wondered WHY/HOW are they WELL LIKED by everyone. WONDERING that probably fills you up JEALOUSY. You can’t just sit there feel that way.  The certain person is probably going through some ROUGH TIMES and they are just putting a SMILE on their face and being just they way they are because that is just how they can go through it all. People like that are great to have in LIFE. They might look at you the same thinking that you are more WELL LIKED then they are. Others just think people like that are just LOVE the ATTENTION while in REALITY they REALLY DON’T like the ATTENTION and they feel SOCIALLY AWKWARD most of the time.

I found this thing online while I was just browsing the internet.

People Who Are Well Liked:

  1. Ask for nothing
  2. Laugh at themselves
  3. Listen with Interest
  4. Rarely Complain
  5. Inspire Others
  6. Teach
  7. Give

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